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Leo Casanova
Certified Sociologist and Sexologist (ACS)

munecasexuales.com is a place where we share guides on the best sex dolls to buy online, online stores, sex toys and tips and tricks on how to use them. One of our main goals is to help people learn how to identify trustworthy sites and avoid scams.

Whether you are 20, 30, 40 or 110 years old, life as a grown man can be challenging for you.

We live in a social media driven world with a huge amount of information drilled into our consciousness every day. Some of them are very informative, attractive and necessary. A lot of it is clickbait with no real substance.

You know where I'm going.

And precisely for this reason we created munecasexuales.com in mid-2022.

The team

Leo Casanova

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As a teenager, I used to peruse sex supply stores and was fascinated by all these wonderful toys, outfits, and accessories that are designed to maximize sexual arousal and orgasm.

ACS Certified Sociologist and Sexologist who takes a holistic approach to sexuality. I believe that the mind, body, heart, and spirit all interact to create our sexual experiences, for better or worse! My work focuses on the influence of attachment and trauma (big and small) on sexuality and relationships and embodied and somatic approaches to healing sexual difficulties. I am a lifelong nerd who is always learning, but more importantly, I am a human being who just wanted to enjoy his sex life.

Leo Casanova is a recognized Clinical Sexologist and General Health Psychologist expert in the treatment of sexual disorders, sex addiction, aversion to sex and ejaculation disorder.

Its main areas of work are focused on the resolution of sexual and/or couple problems and research sexological and psychological. He has collaborated with different media such as: QUO, Cosmopolitan, AS, El País Digital and IDEAL and is the author of different scientific articles published in specialized sexology magazines and in others of general circulation.

Notable Academic Achievements:

• Official Master's Degree in Sexology.

  • Graduated in Psychology from the University of Kentucky (2007 – 2011)
  • Diploma in Technological Innovation from the University of Oviedo (2015 – 2016).
  • Health research methodology by the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital (2012 – 2013).
  • Postgraduate in Sexology from the University of Almería (2018 – 2020).