Anal Fleshlight Review Does it feel like real anal?

Leo Casanova
Certified Sociologist and Sexologist (ACS)

flesh light is famous for making male masturbators that resemble vaginas, some of which are even based on the vaginas of actual porn stars. But did you know that they also make anal Fleshlights? These anal Fleshlights supposedly create the perfect anal simulationbut I had my doubts.

As someone who has had plenty of real anal sex, who better than me to review the classic anal Fleshlight? I bought the classic pink anal sleeve and combined it with a white sleeve, creating the perfect anal stimulation toy to get my dick pumping.

How has it worked? Is it the best fleshlight masturbator? Let's find out!

tight anal hole

Anal Fleshlight Analysis

The main selling point of this toy is the tight anal hole. Just like a real anus, the hole is tight! Compared to vagina-shaped models, the anus really clings to your cock and feels tight throughout the pumping. As you slide your cock in and out of the toy, you can feel the anus grabbing and milking your penis up and down the length of the shaft.

I actually think this anal fleshlight would be perfect for men with foreskinespecially if they can't retract it. Most classic Fleshlights use the rough texture of the inner sleeve to stroke the glans of your penis and milk it. However, the anal Fleshlight takes advantage of the tightness of the asshole opening to milk all your penis – it's a completely different (and orgasmic!) experience.

Fleshlight Anal Sleeve Texture

Anal Fleshlight Sleeve Texture

If you look at most Fleshlights, like the Classic Lady STU (Stamina Training Unit), you'll see that the internal texture of the Fleshlight's sleeve is full of bumps, bumps, ridges, ribs, tunnels, and a bunch of other unusually shaped things. that are designed to milk your cock until it shakes. However, this is not the case with the classic anal Fleshlight.

Most Fleshlight cases are made from “Superskin” material, a proprietary sex toy material designed to mimic the feel of real skin.

Inside, you'll find a simple tunnel, no frills, no bumps, straight down. That's all. And you know what? I love it. Fleshlight puts so much focus on creating these elaborately designed Fleshlight sleeves, but sometimes the classic hot tunnel is all you need to get horny.

I found this simple internal texture so refreshing and relaxing, you know? I don't always want to put my dick in a Rubik's cube.

If they had coupled the tight asshole entrance with the overly complex internal texture of typical male masturbators, I think it would have been overkill. I often think that classic fleshlights focus too much on glans stimulation, but this product is a game changer by focusing more on the penis as a whole.

real anal sensation

Feels like real anal

To be honest, I found the whole preparation process (or the hole!) exciting in itself. With some water-based lube, I touched the Fleshlight's ass hole as if it were my partner's ass. Closing my eyes and using my imagination, the movement of sticking my fingers into the tight asshole seemed really erotic to me; It got really hard on me even before I started.

In my opinion, this anal Fleshlight is just like real anal sex. The hole is tight and stays tight the whole time, you can feel the tight tunnel up and down the length of your cock, and your orgasm is the result of a full cock massage. penis instead of just head stimulation. Real asses are basically a hot tunnel, so the absence of a rough internal texture adds to the realism.

When I came, I grimaced and climaxed just like I do when fucking someone anally. It's hard to describe, but it's as if you felt the penis massaged and sensitive as the glans.

If you want the sensation to be even more like real anal sex, you can buy a Fleshlight muff warmer to heat the muff to a more realistic temperature. These legwarmers are USB-charged and fit all Fleshlight sleeves, so they're worth considering if realism is your goal.

Is it discreet?

How to use Anal Fleshlight

During use

Overall, this is one of the more discreet Fleshlight toys I've used. There is a thin wall between me and my roommate, and I used this male masturbator quite vigorously without making too much noise; I think the simple sleeve helps reduce the typical "smash" noises of the Fleshlight.

I'm not a big fan of the screeching noises that occur with some Fleshlight models – they're distracting and far from fucking erotic.

However, I did notice a lot of air pressure noise with this toy. For example, if you had the top screwed on all the way, you'd hear those "fart" noises as air moved in and out of the base of the dick. If I loosened the cap a bit, these farting noises would be reduced, but then the cap would rattle and make noise.

You can of course completely remove the end cap to make as little noise as possible, but then you run the risk of semen/lube flying out of the end of the toy when you orgasm. Tunneling straight down the inner sleeve of this Fleshlight means there's nothing to stop your sperm from flying out the end.


In terms of the discreet look, it's the same as most Fleshlight male masturbators of this great Resistance Training Unit (STU) style: you've got a huge plastic case over 15cm long and several of broad. Think about whether you have somewhere to hide something that big when you're not using it.

If you live with someone under the age of 50, chances are they know what a Fleshlight is if they see one.


Part of the recommended cleaning process requires you to air-dry the toy in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours, which isn't ideal if you want to remain unnoticed. However, there are alternative drying methods you can try that I cover in the next section.

Fleshlight Cleaning

Fleshlight Cleaning

Due to the sensitive "Superskin" material of the Fleshlight sheath, you cannot use the standard "scrub with soap and water" cleaning method used by most sex toys. Pay attention!

How to clean your fleshlight

1. When you're done and you've ejaculated inside the toy, take it to the bathroom. Remove the screw caps from each end and gently lift the sleeve out of the box.

2. Rinse the sleeve and screw caps under lukewarm water, both inside and out. Once rinsed, set them aside.

3. Place the tight anal hole under the tap and rinse it with hot water for about 30 seconds.

4. Turn the cuff inside out and rinse it with hot water in the opposite direction for about 30 seconds. Finish by quickly rinsing the outside of the Fleshlight case.

Because the Classic Anal Fleshlight has a smooth interior texture, it's very easy to clean - there are no bumps or ribs where lube or semen can get caught.

How to dry your fleshlight

Drying time has come, and this is where things get complicated. Fleshlights should be air dried for about 24 hours in a room with adequate ventilation. I can leave mine on the bed all day with the window open, but some of you will have to be more discreet.

There are forums on the Internet where people discuss quick and discreet ways to dry a Fleshlight after cleaning it. Try hanging it in the closet or running a cloth towel down the center a few times with a pipe cleaner.

The sensitive and porous material of your fleshlight is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned, dried and stored effectively. If you don't take care of your toy, it can end up getting moldy


Fleshlight Cum-Eclusion-Anal Review

Don't be put off by the simplicity of this toy, accept it. The holes of real men and women aren't filled with well-crafted, ergonomically designed textures to milk your cock into submission: they're just warm, tight, and inviting. If we're not careful, we'll reach a point where real vaginas and anuses won't be able to compete with all the male masturbators out there.

For me, this toy is the perfect anal simulation, with a nice tight asshole that is just begging to be fucked. It's pink, so it's not tied to any one ethnicity, and it's unisex: it could be a man's or a woman's ass. It really looks like a basic sex toy that any self-respecting male masturbator should treasure.

Looking for more Fleshlights? Read my full Fleshlight review to see more styles in action.


  1. Yo creo que el Fleshlight anal debe ser una experiencia interesante, pero ¿por qué no probar el real? 😉

    1. Cada quien tiene sus preferencias, pero no todos están dispuestos a probarlo todo. El Fleshlight anal puede ser una opción para quienes buscan experimentar de forma segura y cómoda. Al final, lo importante es disfrutar sin juzgar. 😉

  2. ¡Qué artículo tan interesante! Nunca imaginé que existieran análisis de juguetes sexuales tan detallados.

  3. «Vaya, quién hubiera pensado que los juguetes sexuales anal podrían ser tan realistas. ¡Innovación sorprendente!»

    1. ¡Wow, vaya comentario! Supongo que todo avanza, ¿no? Al menos ahora podemos tener experiencias «realistas» sin salir de casa. ¡A disfrutar!

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