Liberator Esse Review – Is the Sex Chair Worth It?

The Liberator Esse is a sex chair manufactured by the sexual furniture company Liberator. If you find it difficult to have sex in bed, then a custom made sex chair like Esse could be the perfect way to explore new sexual positions.

Founded in 2001, Liberator is known for manufacturing a wide variety of sex furniture, such as the sex pillow Liberator Wedge and the Liberator Ramp. The Esse sex chair remains one of their most popular products, although at first glance it is nothing more than a 480 $ chair.

So what makes it so great?

Let's find out in this Liberator Esse review

Pros and cons of the Liberator Esse sex chair

lberator Esse

First, before getting into the details, I think it's important to go over the pros and cons of Liberator Esse:


  • You can try more sexual positions
  • Penetration can become deeper and more powerful
  • Faux leather cover
  • Moisture-wicking nylon lining
  • The headrest can also act as a cushion for the "dip"
  • High-density foam padding for added comfort
  • Black Label version has D-rings for BDSM
  • Made in USA
  • Some Liberators can pass for normal furniture


  • Expensive
  • D rings are a little small
  • Assembly required
  • you need space
  • The Black Label version cannot pass as normal furniture

Liberator Esse is a mixed bag, but it leans towards the positive. Although this Liberator sex chair takes up a lot of space and is expensive, it can improve your sex life and the company has intelligently thought about the design to make it as accessible as possible to everyone. Plus, it's made in the USA, which is always nice to hear!

Aspects to take into account before buying the Liberator Esse

liberator esse red

Before buying a Liberator sex furniture like the Esse, you should ask yourself a few things:

You have room?

The Chaise Liberator Esse measures approximately 1.5m long, 1.8m wide and 1.8m high. Once assembled, it is not easy to disassemble, so you need space to store this sex bench permanently. Many people put them in their basement as part of a sex dungeon, but I personally kept it at the foot of my bed.

It's like a very sexy ottoman.

Although some people use their Liberator chair as furniture in their living room or bedroom, they are not always subtle and its peculiar shape was sure to raise a few eyebrows if Mom and Dad visited. The Black Label version also includes D-rings (bondage attachment points) that would be difficult to explain.

Have fun explaining it to your aunt!

Do you know how to assemble furniture?

I am a person who takes 3 days to assemble an IKEA chair, so naturally I was worried about the assembly process when it came to a 500 $ erotic piece of furniture.

There is no IKEA hotline for erotic chairs!

Luckily, the process is not too distressing and I managed to assemble the Liberator Esse lounger without problems, but be careful if you are one of those who are not exactly "handy".

Maybe ask someone to help you. Someone… open-minded.

Can you afford it?

Although I understand why this sublime product of high quality For the price it is, it's certainly not in everyone's budget to spend hundreds of dollars on a sex chair.

If you can't afford such expensive equipment, there are cheaper Liberator products, such as the Liberator Ramp (a sex ramp) and the Liberator Wedge (a sex pillow) that could spice up your sex life for much less money.

How to use it, Liberator Esse Positions

liberator esse use

Using a sex chair like the Liberator Esse is a matter of using your imagination and seeing what works for you. Here are some very easy Liberator sex positions to try:

doggy style

Many women love to fuck doggy style on this couch, placing the headrest in the dip to flatten the overall shape of the chaise. If you put your knees in the center and lean toward the bottom end of the couch, your ass will naturally rise into the air so your partner can get behind you and plow.

The angle created by the doggy style with this chair significantly helps G-spot stimulationSo you may suddenly find doggy style amazing when before you thought it was a little "meh."

Missionary (but sexier)

It's simple, but lying on the Liberator with your crotch in the dip is naturally a very easy way to have missionary-style sex. Your partner can slide inside you while your pelvis is perfectly supported by the chair's tilt at the perfect angle.


Doing missionary on the Liberator Esse is also a great way to fuck without making too much noise: you don't have to worry about the bed or mattress squeaking when you're trying to have a good time.


Have the penetrating partner sit in the gully of the Esse, straddling the chair, with one leg on each side and the body facing the underside of the chair.

Next, sit down and straddle the chair in the opposite direction, so that you are facing him, sliding him inside you and using your feet on the floor for leverage. In effect, you are “riding” your partner while you are both facing each other.

In my experience, this is a very intimate way to have sex with the Esse. You can kiss and hug each other passionately while fucking simultaneously. What fun!

oral sex

If you have a vulva and you like receiving oral sex from your partner, the Esse naturally offers you an easy position to eat pussy

Simply lie on the Esse in the standard position, pointing your crotch slightly up into the curve of the sofa. Your partner can easily kneel at the end of the couch or lean over the edge of the Esse and eat his fill.

If that's a little uncomfortable, you can also try the same thing but filling the depression with the headrest, so that your body is generally at a higher angle.

Do what works for you!

If you like the idea of an oral sex chair, check out oral sex stools. Cunnilingus stools are kinky sex furniture designed for cunnilingus. Basically, they are a padded chair with the bottom partially cut out and a padded cushion underneath for your partner's head. Feel like a real queen!

Bondage Game

If you have the Liberator Esse Black Label edition, the chair comes with an attractive black faux leather covering and a bunch of D-rings attached to the bottom. In case you don't know, D-rings are metal "hook points" used for BDSM and bondage play.

Basically, they are put in handcuffs and restraints.

This makes the Esse Black Label Releaser PERFECT for bondage games, whether you are a beginner or an expert in these matters. Simply lie back on the Esse, put on the blindfold, and have your partner secure your wrists and ankles to the restraint points on the underside of the chair.

This leaves your body vulnerable and exposed: you won't be able to do anything while your partner teases your body, fucks you silly, or licks you until you're red from screaming and squirming. You will really be his bitch.

I get horny just thinking about it.

My experience with Liberator Esse

liberator esse in the room
liberator esse in the room

Overall, this chair has impressed me. I love the touch of synthetic skin It has just the right grip without being uncomfortable. I was worried about sweating all over the chair, but that's okay and it's very comfortable against the skin. Even if you dirty everything with bodily fluids, the chair inner lining is moisture proofso that it is not damaged.

I need this for all the furniture in my life.

Have sex in the Libertador

First of all, the sex was amazing. My partner and I tried all of the above positions (and many more that don't have names) and I was amazed. At first I thought this sex chair was marketing nonsense, but I actually couldn't believe how much better sex felt in it compared to our bed

The fact that you can fuck very hard and fast without making too much noise is a big plus for me. I'm always worried about making too much noise and disturbing the neighbors when we fuck, so it's hard for me to "let go" and stop worrying when we're fucking in bed.

Doesn't exactly put me in a good mood.

However, with the Liberator you can fuck as hard and as fast as you want without making too much noise. It really is a game changer when it comes to discretion in the bedroom.

How Liberator Esse made me feel

One of my favorite things about the Liberator Esse is how this chair made me feel. It's hard to describe, but having a piece of furniture dedicated to sex just puts you in that erotic mood as soon as you're in it.

I don't know, it's different from a bed.

When you lie on the Esse, you're naturally curved in a sensual "come and fuck me" position, so you feel like your inner sexual goddess can come out. I honestly felt like Aphrodite waiting to get her daily dose of D.

This feeling, combined with the incredible rough sex, was pure bliss.

Review Final Verdict – Should You Buy One?

liberator esse white

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Liberator Esse as a solid piece of sexual furniture that has massively spiced up my sex life!

However, if you are short on space, concerned about privacy, or on a tight budget, I recommend taking a look at the Liberator Wedge (about 80 $) or the Liberator Ramp and Wedge Combination for about 200 $.

Whatever piece of sex furniture you decide to purchase, remember to read the instructions, stay safe, and have fun!


  1. ¡Vaya, vaya! Parece que la silla sexual Liberator Esse está causando revuelo. ¿Quién se apunta a probarla? ¿Alguien más se sorprendió con los aspectos a tener en cuenta antes de comprarla? 😏💃🏻

  2. No entiendo cómo alguien podría gastar dinero en una silla sexual. ¿No hay mejores formas de divertirse?

  3. ¿Alguien más piensa que la silla sexual Liberator Esse es solo un capricho innecesario? #NoNecesitoUnaSillaParaEso

    1. La Liberator Esse puede ser una herramienta útil para aquellos que buscan un mayor nivel de comodidad y apoyo. Aunque no sea necesaria para todos, cada uno tiene sus propias necesidades y preferencias. ¿Por qué no darle una oportunidad y decidir por ti mismo? ¡Quién sabe, podría sorprenderte!

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