Which Tenga egg is better? An Honest Tenga 12 Egg Review

In case you did not know have is a Japanese sex toy company that mainly focuses on sex toys for men. They are known for creating "new adult concept" male sex toys, which basically means they don't look like sex toys at all. Most Tenga products look like pieces of elegant modern art, be it their masturbating eggs, he Have Flip Hole, or the Have 3D Collection.

What is a Tenga egg?

which egg has is better

Tenga Eggs are "masturbation eggs" that you use as a male masturbator. It's a bit like having a little flesh light soft with which to caress your cock. If you are looking for different forms of male masturbation, Tenga eggs can give you a lot of different sensations to explore.

Each egg has a removable hard plastic capsule, a bit like the capsule you have inside a Kinder surprise. Inside, you'll find a sachet of lube, some instructions, and a squishy "inner egg" section.

The fluffy inner egg is the one you use to masturbate: the inside will be textured with a unique pattern of bumps, bumps, ridges, and waves, depending on which egg you use.

Tenga Eggs made our list of the best male masturbators!

Tenga Eggs are designed as single-use toys, although some people wash and use them 2-3 times before throwing them away.

How to use a Tenga Egg

  How to use a Tenga Egg

Using Tenga Eggs is really quite easy. First of all, you need to open the plastic box and take out the small plastic capsule from the center of the inner egg. Take the sachet of lube out of the small plastic capsule and pour it into the inside of the inner egg, squishing and moving the lube around the inside to get an even coating all over the inside of the egg.

The sachet of lube reminds me of the flavoring packets that come inside instant noodles. I think the combination of the shiny foil and the Japanese lettering made me think of Ramen.

Now he puts his dick inside the egg and jerks off! Despite their small size, eggs are designed to stretch a lot, so you'll have plenty of wiggle room. However, I think this is actually a bad thing, as you end up stretching the inner lumps and bulges away from the sensitive glans of your penis.

To be honest, I don't think the egg shape is ideal for a male masturbator; it makes more sense to have tunnel-shaped sex toys, which don't need to stretch when you fuck with them. However, I understand that Tenga likes to make unusual toys with discreet shapes.

Which Tenga egg is better?

have egg

For this Tenga Eggs review, I ordered 2 packs: the classic "Easy Beat" Tenga Egg 6-pack and the more recent "Hard-Boiled" Tenga 6-egg Pack, which uses a "harder gel" for a firmer feel. intense.

Both masturbator egg sets come in egg carton-style packaging, which is cute. All the eggs come with the same sachet of lube and instructions, so aside from the interior texture, they all have the same general design.

Tenga is really good at creating male sex toys that look stylish and fun instead of creepy and weird. Who doesn't want an adorable box of sex toys with colored eggs?

Review of the Pack of 6 Tenga Classic Eggs «Easy Beat

Pack of 6 Easy Beat Tenga Eggs

First of all, I think these "Easy Beat" eggs are the best Tenga eggs overall. Although the gel they use for their internal lumps and bumps is softer and less defined, I actually think it works in their favor. These "Easy Beat" eggs also seem stretchier and "flexier" so the overall masturbation experience is more comfortable.

Stepper (Pink)

Stepper (Pink)

This egg features curved ridges oriented in opposite directions. It is quite an intense sensation that is designed to be something "unexpected" and surprising for your penis. It's a pretty intense feeling; I sure did bend my toes a couple of times.

Clicker (Green)

This is one of my favorite Tenga eggs. It features several small bumps that are concentrated in hexagonal groups at certain points on the toy, somewhat like a honeycomb pattern. This egg is very sensual and relaxing for the penis, and the sensations change if you move the groups of bumps. Very good.

Twister (Orange)

This Tenga Egg has spiral ridges that I guess are supposed to resemble a "tornado" in one way or another. Overall, it's a pretty dull feeling that didn't do much for me.

Spider (Violet)

As a mild arachnophobe, the name "spider" worried me at first. It turns out that the interior has a spider web design that feels very, very good. The crisscrossing ridges of the spider web massaged my frenulum (the sensitive underside of the head of the penis) in a very sensual way. '90s gwen Stefani would be proud.

Silky (Grayish)

Very meh. The texture basically consists of intersecting lines that are vaguely reminiscent of spun silk. It's probably the crappiest egg in this pack.

wavy (teal)

The "Wavy" Tenga Egg features thick ridges in a wavy pattern, as you might imagine. It is by far the most intense sensation masturbator egg in this pack, but it is almost too intense to be casually pleasurable.

wavy (teal)

I am slightly color blind so I apologize if any of the colors I quote for these eggs are wrong. Identifying the color code of Japanese sex eggs is not a task I usually deal with.


I would classify these “Easy to Beat” Tenga Eggs Classic as follows:

1. Spider (Purple) – very pleasing, especially on the underside of the glans
2. Clicker (Green) – relaxing sensation and varied depending on the position
3. Stepper (Pink) – intense and challenging, but very pleasurable
4. Wavy (teal) – more intense pattern, almost too much
5. Twister (Orange) – spiral ridges are nice but I'm not thrilled
6. Silky (greyish) – boring, does nothing to me

Twister (Orange)

I think maybe they started with 3 or 4 great designs and then they had to put in a couple of crap to get to 6 eggs.

«Review of the pack of 6 eggs Tenga «boiled

I think these "hard" masturbator eggs are not for the average jerk off: you probably want to be quite experienced with male sex toys before trying them out. They use “harder gel” for their internal texture, so they are generally harder and more intense in feel than the classic easy whipped Tenga eggs. Although the hard-boiled egg pack is my least favorite of the two, there are still some really nice Tenga eggs.

Hard Boiled” Tenga Egg

Thunder (Tealish)

As expected, "Thunder" features thick lightning-like ridges that surround the entire interior of the egg. It can be somewhat pleasurable if you're holding the egg in the correct position, but it's not massively impressive.

Surfer (Blue)

This is a really cool 'wave' pattern that uses a combination of curved ridges with different sized dots - there's a lot of variation in this Tenga egg. I moaned out loud as soon as I put my dick inside this egg, and none of the others made me moan like that!

Crater (Brown)

Boring, boring, boring. The texture has craters inside that resemble the face of the Moon. That's all very well, but it's terrible for jerking off.

Cloudy (Purple)

Cloudy is a very intricate swirling pattern made with the hard gel. Strangely, it doesn't really look like clouds. Personally, this Tenga egg was too intense for me and I had to give it up.

Misty (Dark Blue)

Misty is really different from all the other Tenga Eggs: she consists of many tiny pointy bumps all over the inside of the egg. A very pleasant and unique sensation.

Bright (Orange)

  Hard-boiled egg Tenga Brillante (Orange)

I actually liked this one a lot: it had a unique, sun-like pattern with ridges and large bumps. If you held it the right way, it was easy for your cock to quiver with pleasure.


Hard Boiled Crater

I would classify these "hard-boiled" Tenga Eggs as follows:

1. Surfer (Blue) – great variety of textures, made me moan instantly, loads of cum!
2. Glossy (Orange) – a nice variety of textures that milk your dick intensely
3. Misty (Dark Blue) – one of the most unique male masturbator textures I have ever felt
4. Cloudy (Purple) – was too intense for me but I imagine some men would love it
5. Thunder (Tealish) – could be halfway decent if you hold it at the right angle
6. Crater – boring, trashy, gimmicky egg to be avoided at all costs


Misty (Dark Blue)

In general, the Pack of 6 eggs Tenga classics «Easy Beat It is what I would recommend if you are looking for different forms of masturbation for men. In my opinion, the Tenga "Spider" and "Clicker" eggs are especially good, but every man's penis likes different things. Who knows... maybe the "Crater" egg will fill you with masturbatory euphoria! I doubt it, but still.

If you want my advice, stick with the classic Tenga Eggs and enjoy pounding your meat with these cool Japanese sex toys. Have fun!


    1. ¡Vaya sorpresa! Parece que los huevos Tenga están revolucionando el mercado. Personalmente, no puedo opinar sobre cuál elegiría, ya que no tengo experiencia en eso. Pero cada uno tiene sus gustos y preferencias. ¡Que disfrutes de tu elección!

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